Why choose us?

We're always ready to pick up and deliver for you

It's no surprise that we're the most popular cleaners in Redwood City

Press Rite Cleaners has been serving Redwood City with great drycleaning and laundry services since 1986. Today we're expanding our service with FREE Pick-up & Delivery to your home or office. Read more about us

All the best for you

We offer all the services you expect from a drycleaner and more.

Easy access. For your convenience we have plenty of parking with our own parking lot, express service VIP bags for people on the go, and same day service available when you need it. 

100% satisfaction guaranteed. We stand behind our work. If for any reason you're not satisfied with any part of your order just bring it back in and we will clean and press it to your satisfaction, no hassles.

Friendly knowledgeable staff. You want to interact with people who treat you right. Our staff is always ready to greet you with a smile when you enter our doors. And if you ever have a question about a problem garment or a stain emergency, we're standing by—ready to help.

Responsible to the Earth. We switched our drycleaning solvent 17 years ago to DF2000. This solvent has fantastic cleaning ability when matched with the use of our Sanitone cleaning products. DF2000 leaves clothes clean, colors bright and whites white, yet is still gentle to help your clothes last longer. And it's gentle on the earth, too.

Always friendly, always expert. We're continually upgrading our equipment and techniques to ensure we can always provide you with the best quality and service. Some cleaners take shortcuts. We take innovation to new heights, specially in customer service.